Loving one’s own business is the only value that can really consolidate the roots of any company and can make it to become an authority figure in its field.

The history of LEONARDO TRADE arises from love and gratitude for wood and for different species, that nature gives us every day.

Founded as a small workshop in 1979, LEONARDO TRADE has become over the years an edge company where the use of technologically advanced machinery and the long experience of its staff have allowed her to become one of the most important and reputable companies in the sector of Italian furniture district located between Treviso and Pordenone.

The passion for wood that is handed down from father to son for the past two generations and the resulting experience has allowed LEONARDO TRADE to become a reference point for the furniture industry that still appreciates, uses and valorizes real wood rather than outstanding false imitations.

Over the years LEONARDO TRADE has matched the knowledge of materials to market trends and fashion industry to keep updated by means of the best and most innovative techniques.

It has helped to overcome the simple title of veneers trader to become an affordable partner offering a true consultancy service with proposals and concrete solutions for furniture manufacturers, interior designers, architects and experts in the construction industry for living spaces, shipyards, hotel contract, for creators of new lines of home accessories. LEONARDO TRADE is able to work on other materials in addition to wood, in order to convey beauty, creativity, innovation and uniqueness.

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