Nothing is left to chance. It’s only through continuous research of the highest quality production that LEONARDO TRADE is able to maintain high standards of supply and customization.

Each item is produced by following strict internal protocol that ensures the highest achievable quality in respect of budget agreed with the customer. The goal is therefore to be able to ensure the best value of the product.

The checking criteria for every single sheet are too much, specifically:

  • External Control of trunks during purchasing phase.
  • Three phases of control during trunks slicing, that means during the longitudinal cutting of the trunk and complete parcels.
  • During the first general clearing of a lot where the classification according to market standards is done
  • During the preparation of the veneers to be used in a single project. They must comply with all the features agreed with the customer. So quality, color, structure, signs beauty of the wood are the subject.
  • Four control points of orders processing in our quality control department where the most significant is that the lighted desk that exponentially highlights any possible technical problem.
  • Possibility of inspection by customers. We provide a place where our customers can view their goods prior to shipment. We can proudly say that this phase is not very common since trust of our customers has been consolidated during all these years. In any case we suggest these inspections in cases of complex articles or with very strict standards
  • In case of production of inlays further controls are necessary as a clear consequence of other work phases involved to obtain the final product

Working with wood requires humility characteristics. You must be conscious that there is always something more to learn. Thanks to the experience and the mistakes committed, we feel we can be considered as one of the most reliable partners of the wood industry.

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