Knowing how to listen is to possess, in addition to their own, the brain of the other.

It’s thanks to the ability to listen that we are able to empathize with our customers, to be a part of their projects achieving a synergistic collaboration with these creative professionals and arriving to the concrete realization of exclusive and beautiful pieces.

  • Creation of custom designs even based on just few indications of dimensions and practical needs.
  • Reading and interpretation of technical drawings from interior design professionals or designers. LEONARDO TRADE has a technical staff able to interact with the most demanding creative professionals.

Over the years, LEONARDO TRADE has been, for many of these professionals, an interpreter of ideas, of beauty, of essence and substance, involving not only the wood that is arguably the material that we love and know the most but also materials like leather, cloth, cardboard, glass and stones. The aim is to create unique projects, chosen to accompany the everyday lives of people with a taste for beauty, love for artisanship as the protagonist of their environment.

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