Here below we list some organic MATERIALS on which we can apply laser technology:

Ask our engineers to perform some tests on other materials not included in the list.

The BENEFITS of using laser technology are:

  • LOWER COSTS: engraving directly on the piece eliminates the costs of labeling and simplifies the production processes. There are fixed costs for the construction of molds, dies or punches if using other methods.
  • FAST PRODUCTION PROCESSES: the transition from the computer to the machine is immediate. Setting times are very short. No need for treatment either before or after marking or cutting.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: you can also mark areas that otherwise are inaccessible with other techniques
  • DURABILITY: cutting and engraving objects with laser method, remain unaltered.
  • REPEATABILITY: there are no limits for quantities and the engravings can be repeatable even after a long time without any difficulties thanks to the record of items produced registered in our database.
  • ENVIRONMENT: the process does not use chemicals such as paints or inks

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